G F Holding delivers 15 Haven Welcome Lodges

Haven has developed a new COVID-secure process for welcoming guests on to their Holiday Parks, where the guests do not leave their cars.

To facilitate this new process, we have built a new Arrivals Lodge at 15 Haven sites in England, Scotland and Wales.  The Lodge provides a warm shelter for the staff greeting guests and also accommodates on-site security.

The Lodges are timber-framed, clad with cement particle boards to look like timber cladding.  This material was selected as it is aesthetically pleasing, whilst minimising maintenance. We have installed electricity and data in each Lodge.

This extensive roll-out programme was undertaken at speed in response to the Government’s road-map out of the COVID-19 lock-down.  Each site had its own set of challenges, for example some were on a slope, and some were surrounded by trees.  We undertook extensive surveys to assess the works required at each site.

We procured the materials for each site, undertook the groundworks and built and fitted-out the structures.  We carefully planned the logistics for each site, all of which are in remote parts of Great Britain, working closely with our suppliers and the operational teams at Haven.