Announcement of Restructure

Following a business strategy review we have decided, upon advice from our professional advisors, to separate the property interests and trading businesses held within the Holding Holding Company Group for commercial and tax planning reasons.

A Section 110 demerger has therefore been implemented and with effect from 25th February 2019 the trading companies, namely G F Holding (Contractors) Limited and G F Holding (Fit-out) Ltd, became subsidiaries of Mottram Interior Group Limited. At the same time Holding Holding Company Limited entered into a voluntary solvent liquidation and its assets were transferred into a separate company.

The only impact of the restructure on the trading companies is their new parent, Mottram Interior Group Limited and other than this their corporate structures, directors and employees remain as before.

It should also be noted that the shareholdings in the new parent company are as they were in Holding Holding Company Limited so there is no change in the ultimate ownership of the group.