G F Holding Refurbishing Odeon Leicester Square

Specialist fit-out contractor, G F Holding is delivering the refurbishment of the iconic Odeon Leicester Square, on behalf of AMC Theaters.  This refurbishment is part of AMC’s plans to modernise their cinemas across Europe.

The refurbishment of the cinema, which originally opened in 1937, includes an upgrade to the sound system, installation of new reclining seating with more legroom, and the addition of more restrooms.

Jeff Barton, Managing Director of G F Holdings commented: “we are excited to be refurbishing the Odeon Leicester Square for the fourth time in the last thirty years.  It is a real icon in cinematic history, and we are proud to be part of its next evolution.

We became known as specialists in refurbishing cinemas back in the 1930s, so there is something poetic about refurbishing a cinema in 2018 which first opened in 1937.”

G F Holding completed a major refurbishment of the main auditorium some twenty years ago; and prior to that, thirty years ago, the specialist contractor built the Odeon Studios, which comprised of five small auditoria, inserted into what was once an alleyway between Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road.